You may need a goods vehicle operators licence if you are using a goods vehicle well over 3.5 tonnes gross plated weight or (where there’s no plated weight) an unladen weight in excess of 1,525kg to move goods services or reward or regarding the a trade or business. (In cases like this ‘goods’ means goods or burden associated with a description).

For any vehicle and trailer combination, generally you may need a goods vehicle operator’s licence when the gross plated weights or unladen weights from the vehicle and trailer combined exceed the boundaries mentioned above for any single vehicle.

The operator’s licence ought to be requested in the specific person, company or partnership that’s the ‘user’ from the vehicle.

You’ll be regarded as the consumer from the vehicle if:

you’re the driver and who owns the automobile or

it’s inside your authorized possession under a contract services, hire purchase or loan or

the motive force is the worker or agent (i.e. you have to pay these to drive the automobile for you personally).

Exemptions from goods vehicle operator licensing

Small trailer exemption

A trailer by having an unladen weight of under 1,020kg do not need to be taken into consideration within the weight calculation for any vehicle pulling a trailer. Choice could be overlooked for that purpose of accumulated total gross weights or unladen weights to find out whether or not they are over the threshold for requiring an operator’s licence.

However, this exemption doesn’t apply if you’re transporting other’s goods services or reward (e.g. being employed as a courier or freight transport business). Such conditions, the load calculation must include any trailer attached (regardless of the trailer’s weight). Within this situation, when the vehicle and trailer combination exceeds 3.5 tonnes gross plated weight or (where there’s no plated weight) an unladen weight in excess of 1,525 kg), a typical licence is needed.

Other exemptions from Operator Licensing

Some vehicles don’t need an operators licence. They are:

vehicles first used before 1977 with an unladen weight not exceeding 1,525kg as well as for that the maximum gross plated weight exceeds 3,500kg (and it is under 3,556.21kg)

cars as well as their trailers using public roads for under 9.654km (6 miles) per week, while moving between private premises of exactly the same person

vehicles getting used within trade licence (i.e. with trade plates)

vehicles built or adapted for transporting passengers as well as their effects (any trailer) and getting used for your purpose

vehicles utilized by, or underneath the charge of, Her Majesty’s Uk forces

vehicles getting used by local government bodies for civil defence purposes, or to handle their functions for that purpose of enactments associated with weights and measures or even the purchase of food and medicines

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