Almost every driver focuses on the speedometer and the fuel gauge, but the rarest ones keep an eye on the tachometer as well. This is also known by the name rev counter. It is tool helpful for managing your gearbox and making sure you’re not overworking your engine at any one end of the torque range. Although, it might not seem vital to the driving experience, it is deemed a real issue, particularly in manual cars, when a tachometer fails to work, it leaves you with an engine noise which notifies you to change gear. When there are issues to be addressed, check these things and choose what to do in order to fix the issue.

  1. Blown fuses

Always check the fuses whenever you encounter any issue with the fuses as they are indulged in almost every vehicle process and is easy to replace by your own means or you can get it done by the professionals at Dick’s Speed-O-Tach. Seek the fuse box of your vehicle which is different for every car. Also, inspect the tachometer fuse for the clouding or residue. If the fuse is vague, replace it with a similar amperage fuse.

  1. Bad wiring

The tachometer issues are also associated with a wiring issue or a loose connection. Corroded or broken wires can impact the tachometer to be unresponsive or get defunct. In order to fix this, pay heed to the owner’s manual and seek the page that refers to the Tachometer wiring. Once you have addressed this, check the relevant wires if they are working properly, and make changes if needed. All the wiring between the battery display, crankshaft generator, ECU, grounding wire and the dashboard display must be checked for loose connections or corrosion.

  1. LED Display issues

This is probably the simplest to diagnose and fix. If the tachometer doesn’t display and the issue is a burned out LED, particularly if the light has had a prolonged use. Once you have replaced the LED, the rev counter should be up and running normally as it used to in the first place.

  1. Calibration

It is a good practice to keep an eye on the tachometer and making sure that the reading corresponds with the functioning of the engine, entailing the engine sounds and vibration when compared with your speed. Abnormal high or low readings is a clue for a problem with the rev counter. This can be easily addressed by resetting the meter which can be easily found in the user manual.

But sometimes, not every problem can be solved when going all DIY with the tachometer repair. If you are wanting to buy or sell tachographs, visit our store. Our expert team is well equipped with all the expertise, knowledge and skills about the auto parts entailing the mechanical tachometers, we will also help you in evaluating with your stock and offer you with a quote for any used components overstock you have. Interested to know more or organize a buyer visit, feel free to get in touch with us.

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