The sprinter models introduced by Mercedes Benz has brought them much ahead of competition. Some of the advanced commercial van can be considered as another giant leap in forward direction. You can have more fuel saving, more cargo volume, better standing height in its interior and many other safety features in the sprinter models.

Mercedes Benz van of sprinter models are not only more reliable on the road but also can run in any challenging conditions of weather. Its brake system is highly effective when you are driving at higher speed on the highways. You can easily have control on your vehicle by applying the brake and quickly stabilize your van.

The Super Ultra Low Emission Vehicle (SULEV) sprinter models can produce 90 per cent less emission as compared to any gasoline powered vehicles. Due to its super high roof, even a 7 feet person can easily stand inside the car without any problem. It also provides about 586 cubic feet of cargo space.

You can also reduce your maintenance cost of the sprinter model as company provides warranty service till 20, 000 miles. If you want to use the sprinter model for your business, then not only you can accelerate your business and increase your productivity but also reduce the cost of running the vehicle.

Some of the sprinter models:

  • Sprinter worker van

It has following features:

  • Six-cylinder diesel engine
  • Low adaptive electronic stability program
  • Payload capacity 3512 pound

  • Crosswind assist
  • Can be configured with 4-wheel drive so that you can easily drive in any construction sites.
  • Cargo van

This is another sprinter model of hard working commercial van. You can use this reliable commercial van for any kind of businesses.

  • Crew van

This model of sprinter van can be used for almost anything. You can use as a transport cargo, carry five people, can also remove the seat and create a bench so that you can bring your work force if you like.

  • Passenger van

This kind of van also provides very safe transportation and can be used as passenger van. It can accommodate 12 people and a person of 6’4” height can easily stand inside the van.

  • Cab chassis

You can also buy cab chassis and can use it as delivery vehicle, ambulance, RV, box delivery vehicle or luxury limousine.

Nowadays you can also get certified pre-owned sprinter model and each vehicle goes through 126-point inspection so that its existing condition can be accessed.

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